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India’s Draft Arctic Policy

India’s Draft Arctic Policy

India government has recently released a draft Arctic Policy document  which is commited to expanding scientific research, “sustainable tourism” and mineral oil and gas exploration in the Arctic region

It envisages India’s engagement in the Arctic region for climate research, environmental monitoring, maritime cooperation and energy security.

About Arctic Region

  • It refers to the region above the Arctic Circle, north of latitude 66° 34’ N, which includes Arctic Ocean with North Pole at its centre.
  • This region comprises the Arctic Ocean and parts of countries such as Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, Russia, USA (Alaska), Finland, Sweden and Iceland.

According to Policy

  • According to the draft policy, India could be directly impacted due to climate changes as weather conditions and monsoon patterns in Arctic region, which is crucial for its economy.
  • India also proposes to focus on vast resources of the Arctic region including hydrocarbons, minerals and renewable power to ensure its energy security.
  • The loss of sea ice, ice caps, and warming of the ocean and atmosphere would lower salinity in the ocean, increase the temperature differential between land and oceans in the tropical regions, dry subtropical areas and increase precipitation at higher latitudes.
  • India’s Arctic Policy Roadmap For Sustainable Engagement draft rides on five pillars:
  1. Science and research activities,
  2. Economic and human development cooperation,
  3. Transportation and connectivity,
  4. Governance and international cooperation, and
  5. National capacity building

The draft policy also highlighted that ice-free conditions in the Arctic are resulting in the opening of new shipping routes thereby lowering costs and reshaping global trade.



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