ISRO Successfully Launches Mirosat-R



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Why in News?

  • ISRO successfully launches Mirosat-R with student-made Satellite onboard


  • In the first mission of 2019, ISRO successfully launched Microsat-R, a military satellite onboard its Polar rocket PSLV C44, from the spaceport.
  • The fourth stage of the rocket with co-passenger and World’s lightest Satellite Kalamsat, a students’ payload, was moved to a higher circular orbit, around 450 kms from earth, so as to establish an orbital platform for carrying out experiments.
  • Microsat-R,an imaging satellite, is meant for military purposes.
  • Kalamsat is an experimental satellite for studying the communication system of nano satellites, which can be useful in many fields, predominantly disaster management.
  • The PSLV C44is the first launch for the country’s space agency in 2019.
  • The PSLV-C44, assembled in 30 days, was the first mission of a new variant of the PSLV, called the PSLV-DL, as it was equipped with two strap-on configurations.
  • Contributed by college students and the members of a Chennai-based organisation – Space Kidz India – Kalamsat is the first to use PS4 (the fourth stage of the vehicle) as a platform to orbit around the earth.
  • Space Kidz India aims to nurture young scientists.
  • With this, the PSLV, basically a four-stage vehicle with alternating solid and liquid stages, has launched 54 Indian and 269 satellites of international customers.
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