Farmers Bear The Brunt Of Droughts And Cyclone In South India



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  • Cyclone Ockhihit the Indian coastline. Presently categorized as ‘very severe’, the cyclone is likely to be reduced as a ‘severe’ category cyclone.
  • Last year, southern India suffered from a severe drought.
  • The cyclone is expected to hit the coasts of Maharashtra and Gujarat soon.

Effect on Agriculture:

  • The farmers of cash and crop plantations were expecting good yields for their December harvests, but with the arrival of the cyclone, cold waters were poured over their hopes.
  • The cyclone has laid waste acres of banana farms.
  • Rubber, a major crop in the area, has been devastated, with trees thousands of uprooted.
  • Ploughed land, ready for planting, now lies under water.
  • Fishermen are also suffering due to the cyclone.
  • Though coconut trees have fared better in this cyclone, they were badly affected by the drought.

For more about the cyclones or hurricanes, their formation and categorization, search IAS Buzz (keyword – Cyclone)


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