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Farmers Need Plans To Rescue From Crop Failure Not Increased Budgetary Outlays!


Similar to the last two Budgets, this year’s pro-agriculture intentions are palpable through increased outlays to the agricultural sector and initiation of various programmes.

They seem impressive, but closer scrutiny shows that the measures may be of little help to stem the tide of agrarian distress.

There are some real challenges confronting three laudable Budget announcements.

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“Can Sanitation Reduce Stunting?”


An article “Can sanitation reduce stunting?” in The Hindu, February 15 brought forth an important and interesting debate on sanitation that has been attracting considerable traction among health, nutrition and social researchers and policymakers around the world, more so in the lower and middle income (LAMI) countries.

The article touched upon many dimensions and possible reasons to explain why Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) trials in countries like Kenya and Bangladesh ended, disappointingly, with no palpable reduction in stunting among children.

India has many implications from the sanitation studies.

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The Power Of Persuasion


The Indian Constitution is unique in listing, among fundamental duties, the duty of each citizen “to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform” (Article 51A).

Jawaharlal Nehru was the first to use the expression “scientific temper”, which he described with his usual lucidity in The Discovery of India.

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Magic Q/A Today's Questions, Practise Answer Writing (28 February. 2018)


Q. Health insurance is the manifestation of basic right to health flowing from Article 21 of the Constitution. Discuss.

Q. How far shall the FATF's inclusion of Pakistan in the grey list going to impact the terror links of the country?

Q. Can practices like 'training of Dalits as priests of temples' fight the social discrimination that has been inflicted upon the lower castes through the Indian caste system since ages?

Q. The Quadrilateral will be a success only if the participant countries' infrastructure development plans are a match to Chinese ambitions. Analyse.

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Magic Q/A Today's Questions, Practise Answer Writing (27 February. 2018)


Q. What is the importance of developing scientific temper amongst the citizens of a nation?

Q. Analyse the growth trends of national income in India in the recent times.

Q. Critically analyse the relation between "hygiene" and "child stunting".

Q. Rather than just increased budgetary outlays, farmers need plans that will rescue them from crop failure. Comment.

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India – Canada Relations


The Khalistan issue has become a big irritant in the India – Canada relations.

Issues concerning this dominated the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to India, and it is in the interest of both countries to course correct.

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Monetizing Waste


‘Reduce, reuse, and recycle’ are mantras that we hear often whenever the garbage problem is discussed: but all three require commitment, a certain level of awareness, and concern for the environment.

None of these seems immediately evident in the average person we meet on the streets.

India has a poor garbage disposal and collection mechanism, which leads to various problems.

Innovative solutions and behavioral change based on Mysore model will address the concerns.

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The Indian Banking System’s Present State!


The bank frauds involving Punjab National Bank (PNB) and the companies associated with businessmen Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi as well as the Rotomac case couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The Indian banking system is already reeling under the pressure of growing NPAs, or non-performing assets (less politely known as loans that are not going to be repaid), which will touch nearly rupees 10 lakh crore by March this year.

This does not include the rupees 6 lakh crore already written-off.

This has already caused a slowdown in disbursal of bank credit, in turn affecting productive investment.

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Indo-US trade relations


Commercial relationship between US and India is hindered by few protectionist measures.

New reforms are required to address the concerns surrounding Indo-US trade.

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Magic Q/A Today's Questions, Practise Answer Writing (26 February. 2018)


Q. India and the US need to steer away from protectionist measures for the trade relationship to bloom. Critically analyse.

Q. Waste can best be managed by monitising it. Comment.

Q. India and Canada need to go back to the drawing board and urgently repair ties. Analyse.

Q. We need stricter adherence to sound banking rules and more transparency in banking sector. Comment.

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