what is Nation Nutrition Mission?


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Russian Government Change


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Australia Wild Fires


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John Rawls Theory of justice


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Coal SCAM and Coal Reforms


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Chandrayaan 1,2 and 3


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Why was soleimani Killed?


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Energy sector Reforms analysis by G.Rajput


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Chief of defence staff


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Islamic corporation analysis


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Watch todays editorial by G.Rjaput


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What is Edge computing?


  • Simply put, edge computing enables data to be analysed, processed, and transferred at the edge of a network.
  • The idea is to analyse data locally, closer to where it is stored, in real-time without latency, rather than send it far away to a centralised data centre.

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List of Bills passed by the Parliament in 2019


This was the first session of the Parliament after the Lok Sabha elections, the Parliament passed not only landmark bills like repealing of Article 370, geographical reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir, Triple Talaq Bill, new Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill, but also created the record for maximum Bills passed in the last 67 years.

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Simla Agreement | 7th Class | Current Affairs


This class covers following topic:

Simla Agreement

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Simla Agreement


Both governments had also agreed that their respective Heads would meet again at a “mutually convenient time in the future the representatives of the two sides will meet to discuss further the modalities and arrangements for the establishment of durable peace and normalization of relations, including the questions of repatriation of prisoners of war and civilian internees, a final settlement of Jammu and Kashmir and the resumption of diplomatic relations.”


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