Domestic Council For Gold



  • G.S. Paper 2

Why in news?

  • The Centre has decided to set up a Domestic Council for Gold to aid exports of jewelry.

Domestic Council for Gold:

  • The Centre is setting up a Domestic Council for Gold which will aim at the following:
    • To aid exports of jewellery
    • To create an ecosystem to harness the true potential for jewellery-making in the country
    • Towards industry development
    • Job creation
    • Building of regional clusters
    • Strengthening of value chains
  • This council will represent all the jewellers of India who will be the Electoral College.
  • They will form different interest groups and elect those who will sit in the council.
  • Every village has a jeweller who makes handmade and custom-made jewellery.
  • These artisans will be helped by jewellery designers to come out with products with better value, which will be ultimately exported by big companies.