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How many maximum marks one can get in UPSC Mains?

How many maximum marks one can get in UPSC Mains?

There is no maximum minimum in upsc .The marks would be given if you solve the question in a appropriate manner and you may get very high marks in maths if you are really good in the subject. On the other hand you may get very low marks if your concept is not clear. it all depends upon you.

The total marks for Mains (written) is 1750. The cut off marks for CSE-2015 interview call was 677. The cut off for CSE-2014 was 678, which is about 38%. The toppers however, on an average would get 100–200 marks more than the cut off, which means on an average, the maximum marks for written score would be about abut 850. Add to that an exceptional performance in the interview (worth 275 marks) which would give you about 210–220 marks. this makes a total of 1050–1070 marks out of 2075 (written+interview). There cannot be a perfect analysis of UPSC marking schemes as the difficulty level of questions as well as the invigilation patterns keep on changing every year. So the best we can do is to extrapolate from existing data.

UPSC is considered to be one of the toughest exam in India and if you are appearing in the exam , then you should have content and relevant details about the topics then you will be only able to match the expectation the examiner asks for . It is suggested to fragment the whole answer into three parts.

a) INTRODUCTION– This is the portion you should throw light upon the topic and give relevant information which you think would be good to make path for detailing in the next section as this section should be in this way that it should urge the examiner to read more.

b) MAIN BODY– Here you would detail the topic to bread and length and give the relevant examples you have and go on to elaborate it as it would give the examiner the insights of your knowledge about the topic and your level of depth.please have the flow chart, diagram etc if possible as it would instantly give the examiner a sense of your content and it would be easier for him to check. Also one thing which should be there in the main body is the coherence the answer should be in particular sequence and should not be cluttered for eg-if you are answering a particular sub topic then it should be detailed in efficient manner rather than putting it at any corner of answer

C) CONCLUSION– It should be there in the answer and you are supposed to give your overview about the answer along with the content you deem fit in the conclusion .The examiner definitely checks about your perspective and your judgement since they expect you are going for the administrative and you should have decision or your own insights about the topic.

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