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How does a UPSC aspirant start practicing answer writing for the Mains?

Writing is the key to clearing Mains with a significant margin.

An ideal answer must cover five main points

  1. Introduction- can be from current events/recent policy change
  2. Idea/crux /main answer to the question
  3. Analysis from a plural perspective
  4. Analysis in form of Advantages / Disadvantages or critiques
  5. Conclusion – forward looking, positive, proposing an alternative.

Keep the following points in mind while practising Answer writing:

  1. While writing an answer for Mains, the structure matters more than the content.
  2. Neat and legible handwriting is a must.
  3. Think plural and divide into social, economic, political, cultural, psychological, moral, individual factors for any answer.
  4. Have a Common man’s perspective but Innovative too.
  5. Maintain your originality. Don’t rote learn. It doesn’t help in the exam.
  6. One way of creating difference is to use flow charts, diagrams, symbolic representation. Any accessory which makes the answer simpler to understand.
  7. Get into the knack of formulating introduction and conclusion when writing any answer. And focus on how you can relate it to current events or happenings.

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Keep practising and getting those tests evaluated. This will not only help improve speed but also provide the much needed clarity and help save time in the actual exam.

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