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Overcoming the thoughts of ‘I can’t’ while preparing for the UPSC

How can one overcome the thoughts of ‘I can’t’ while preparing for the UPSC?

Thoughts of “I can’t” and fear of failure are very natural thoughts that invade the human mind, particularly in times of stress and it is not unnatural to have such thoughts. It is quite natural that one feels demotivated to continue or failure gives one a setback during the course of UPSC preparation. It sure does feel very depressing and lonely.

But the first step towards conquering and ultimately eliminating such thoughts is by acknowledging to yourself that you are indeed having these thoughts. One of the reasons you are having such thoughts at a time when the exam is approaching closer is maybe because you have been preparing seriously for the exam and now you are worried about what the outcome will be. This shows that you are a sincere aspirant and you are not overconfident about your exams. That is the good part of it, because some amount of fear always keeps you grounded to reality.

But then this “I can’t” is a negative vibe and will attract negatives towards you, as the law of the universe always says you attract things of the same frequency that you emit. So at this point, you should start no cost, let those “I can’t” thoughts invade your mind. But even if this is difficult, it is possible. One therapy you can use to overcome such negative feelings is the Mirror Therapy. Every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to bed, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself, loud and clear, “Thank you God for I am clearing the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Yes. Yes. Yes” This self-affirmation, done on a daily basis will instil confidence in you that you are capable of doing this, of clearing this exam.

Remember, nothing is impossible. And those things that do seem far from your reach, you can acquire them by constant gratitude to the universe. Gratitude has immense power in turning your “thoughts to things”. Whenever those doubts assail your thoughts, immediately divert your mind and start thinking, imagining that you have already reached there. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and picturize your name on the list of qualified candidates. Invoke the feelings of exhilaration you would experience when you shall finally see your name on the list. Imagine every minute detail of your dream coming true and feel everything associated with it.

UPSC preparation is lengthy when compared to other examinations. Sometimes because of some factors ( parents to get any other job, relatives, ..etc ) we feel exhausted and we want to leave the preparation. Therefore, it is very important to be mentally strong and mature enough to understand that UPSC is just another exam. Keep working hard, stay on the right path and keep feeding the focus while starving the distractions. This way, success won’t be far. And in the end, even if you don’t happen to make it to the final list then there’s something better in store for you.

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