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Henry Fayol

By : brainykey   December 31, 2017


Henri Fayol was born on July 29, 1841 in Istanbul, Turkey and died on November 19, 1925 in Paris, France. Together with Frederick Winslow Taylor, he is considered the father of modern management. He began his career as an mining engineer and ended up as a director. As the first recognized the five major functions of management – forecasting, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling.

He further focused on the theory of workers’ organization. In 1916 he published his book “Administration industrielle et générale” (in English “General and Industrial Administration”), which was founded on personal experience with the job of manager.

Henri Fayol in his book defined 14 key principles of management (administration) that are still valid today, as follows:

  • Division of work – specialization encourages workers to improve skills and working methods
  • Authority – the right to give orders and the power to require obedience
  • Discipline – there shall be no loosening or softening of the rules
  • Unity of command – each employee has a clearly designated supervisor
  • Unity of direction – only one leader creates a unified plan, in which each worker plays his role
  • Subordination of individual interests to the general interest – only interests of the collective must be monitored in the workplace
  • Remuneration – employees must receive adequate remuneration
  • Centralization – decision are made from above
  • Scalar chain – command line runs from the top to bottom, as in the army
  • Order – all staff and all the material has a specified place and have to stay there
  • Equity – with all employees must be treated as equal
  • Stability of tenure of personnel – minimum personnel replacement is desirable
  • Initiative – personnel involved in planning must develop high effort
  • Esprit de corps (team spirit) – between workers prevails coherence and harmony


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