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Growth of Administrative Law in India

By : brainykey   February 3, 2018

The term Rule of Law of got from French phase ‘la principle de legalite’ which implies the principle of legality. It refers to an administration in view of standards of principles and not of man. Edward Coke is said to be the originator of this idea.

MEANING of Administrative LAW :

Administrative law is the body of law that governs the activities of authoritative offices of the administration/government which include of rule making or legislation(when appointed to them by the Legislature as and when the need be),adjudication(to proclaim decisions while giving judgement on certain matters),implementation/enforcement of public policy.

1) Rise in complexity quality justified treatment variable by the state authorities in order to provide functioning in that area with vital certainty and solutions.

Growth of Administrative Law in India
Growth of Administrative Law in India

2) Industrial revolution that resulted in the coming up of urban communities and new types of economic transactions necessitated handling of affairs by govt in order to facilitate production,supply and exchange of products and services.

3) Technological developments and the increasing specialization has required for the increased need of particular treatment of undertakings by govt authorities.

4) To permit important adaptability in the authoritative system so that the challenges emerging because of social and economic factors could be tended to all the more adequately and efficiently.
5) To permit experimentation with a specific order to ensure the application of best fit model in a given situation

6) To permit participation of people in the administrative functioning to provide the necessary authority to the administrative officials so that they can address the challenges arising due to extraordinary circumstances or crisis circumstances.

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