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Gram UJALA scheme

Gram UJALA scheme

Why in news?

  • Recently, the Government has launched the Gram UJALA Programme – an ambitious scheme offering the world’s cheapest LED bulbs in rural areas at a mere Rs. 10.

About GRAM UJALA Programme

  • It is a customized program for rural India, based uniquely and innovatively on carbon finance.
  • Under the programme, 7 watts and 12-Watt LED bulbs with 3 years warranty will be given to rural consumers against submission of working Incandescent bulbs.
  • LEDs will be available for only Rs 10 each for each household.
  • Each household will get up to 5 LEDs.
  • The programme will be financed entirely through carbon credits.
  • It will be the first such programme in India
  • Carbon credits will be prepared under the Shine Program of Activities with an option for verifying under the Voluntary Carbon Standard, depending on the needs of buyers.

First Phase of the scheme

  • In the first phase, the scheme was launched from Arrah district in Bihar.
  • In this phase around 15 million LED bulbs will be distributed in the villages of Arrah (Bihar), Vijayawada (Andhra Pradesh), Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), Nagpur (Maharashtra), and western Gujarat.

PM UJALA Yojana Eligibility

  • Every domestic household having a metered connection from their respective Electricity Distribution Company is eligible to get the LED bulbs under the UJALA Scheme.
  • The consumer can purchase the LED on EMI payment (monthly/bimonthly instalments in electricity bill) or on upfront payment by paying the full amount.

Need of GRAM UJALA Programme

  • The rural population of India is still unable to afford discounted LEDs.
  • The programme will have a significant impact on India’s climate change action.
  • If all 300 million lights in India were replaced, the total energy savings would be 40,743 million kWh/year, avoided peak demand of 22,743MW/year and CO2 reductions of 37 million tons per year.  Gram UJALA scheme
  • It will not only give a fillip to our fight against climate change by increasing energy efficiency, but also usher in a better standard of life, financial savings, and better safety for the citizens in rural areas.

Significance of GRAM UJALA Programme

  • Under the programme, the carbon credit documentation will be sent to UN accredited validators for inclusion into the Shine Program of activities.
  • It will provide clean energy access and make a significant contribution towards mitigating climate change and achieving a sustainable future.
  • It will have a significant impact on India’s climate change action energy savings of 2025 million KWh/year and CO2 reductions of 1.65 million T CO2/year.
  • It will enable better illumination, at an affordable price of INR 10/bulb.  Gram UJALA scheme
  • It will usher in a better standard of life, financial savings, more economic activity, better safety for rural citizens and help in achieving a sustainable future.

Major Benefits | Gram UJALA scheme

  • Electricity bills will be reduced through this scheme.
  • Through this scheme, carbon emissions will be reduced by 7.65 million tonnes annually.
  • People’s money will be saved through this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, the target is to provide 3 to 4 bulbs to 15 to 20 crore families at the rate of Rs 10 per LED.
  • Through this scheme, there will be a savings of 50000 crore rupees per year.  Gram UJALA scheme
  • Pradhanmantri Gramin Ujala Yojana will save about 9325 crore units of electricity annually through 2021 .




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