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  • Spatial data, also known as Geospatial data is data which contain the information related to any location of  objects, events, or phenomena on the surface of the earth.

Types of Geospatiel Data

  • Vector data is used as geometric shapes to show the location and shape of geographic features.  There are three main types of vector data: points, lines, and polygons.  Vector data is scalable, has small file sizes and ideal for depicting boundaries.
  • Raster data is data that is presented in a grid of pixels.  It also includes aerial and satellite imagery. Spatial
    analysis depends heavily on raster datasets.

Geospatial technology

  • Geospatial technology collects and analyzes the Geospatial Data. It uses software to map geographic locations while analyzing the impact of human activity.
  • Geospatiel data combines location information, attribute information, and often also temporal information .
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) uses digital software to combine maps and datasets about environmental events and socioeconomic trends.

New Guidelines

  • Recently, the government of India in its new policy  aims to liberalise the access of geospatial data and services related to such data among private players in India.
  • The Guidelines  removed all necessity for approval or license for the collection, generation, preparation, dissemination, storage, publication, updating and/or digitization of Geospatieal Data and maps within the territory of India.  Self-certification will be used to convey adherence to these guidelines.
  • The new guidelines will apply to geospatial data, maps, products, solutions and services offered by government agencies, autonomous bodies, academic and research institutions, private organizations, nongovernmental organizations and individuals.
  • With the introduction of publicly available geospatial services, a lot of Geospatieal Data that used to be in restricted zone are freely and commonly available now and some of the policies/guidelines that used to regulate such information have been rendered obsolete and redundant.




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