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Ganga  & Gajapati dynasty of Orissa

Ganga  & Gajapati dynasty of Orissa

  • The attack by Timur Lane in 1398 on Delhi and the flight of the Tughluq king from his capital exposed the weakness of the Delhi Sultanate and emboldened a number of provincial governors and autonomous principlalities to declare their independence setting the background for the emergence of various provincial dynasties in India in the 15th and 16th centuries.
  • In the west, Gujarat, Malwa and Mewar balanced each other’s power and in the east, Bengal was checked by the Gajapati rulers of Orissa as well as by the Sharqis of Jaunpur.

Ganga dynasty of Orissa:

  • At the beginning of his reign Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah raided Tajnagar (Orissa). This attack was successful and he returned with war booty.
  • Feroz Shah Tughluq, while returning from his Bengal campaign, also attacked Orissa and desecrated the Puri Jagannath Temple.
  • He occupied the capital city and massacred a lot of people which undermind the prestige of the Ganga dynasty and in due course gave rise to a new dynasty, the Gajapati dynasty. Ganga  & Gajapati dynasty of Orissa

Gajapati dynasty of Orissa:

  • It marks a brilliant phase in Orissa’s history. They were great builders and warriors.
  • They extended their rule in the south towards Karnataka which brought them into conflict with the Bahmani Sultans, Reddis and the Vijayanagara Kingdom.
  • But the Gajapati rulers could not hold onto their southern conquests for any length of time.
  • Gajapatis also were in the conflict with the Sultans of Bengal. Some Sultans of Bengal like Alauddin Hussain Shah made raids into Orissa which extended upto Puri and Cuttack.
  • However, the rulers of Bengal, were not able to dislodge the Gajapatis.
  • That the Gajapatis were able to engage successfully in battles at the same time in such far-flung areas as Bengal and Karanataka testifies to their strength and prowess.  Ganga  & Gajapati dynasty of Orissa


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