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Financing : Internal Security through use of Communication Network

Financing : Internal Security through use of Communication Network

Terrorist organizations and supporters may also use the Internet to finance acts of terrorism. The manner in which terrorists use the Internet to raise and collect funds and resources may be classified into four general categories:

  • Direct solicitation,
  • e-commerce,
  • Exploitation, of online payment tools and
  • Through charitable organizations.
  • Direct solicitation refers to the use of websites, chat groups, mass mailings and targeted communications to request donations from supporters.
  • Websites may also be used as online stores, offering books, audio and video recordings and other items to supporters. Online payment facilities offered through dedicated websites or communications platforms make it easy to transfer funds electronically between parties.                Financing : Internal Security through use of Communication Network
  • Funds transfers are often made by electronic wire transfer, credit card or alternate payment facilities available via services such as PayPal or Skype. Online payment facilities may also be exploited through fraudulent means such as identity theft, credit card theft, wire fraud, stock fraud, intellectual property crimes and auction fraud.
  • E.g The use of illicit gains to finance acts of terrorism can be seen in the United Kingdom case against Younis Tsouli. As per this case, Profits from stolen credit cards were laundered by several means, including transfer through e-gold online payment accounts, which were used to route the funds through several countries before they reached their intended destination.
  • The laundered money was used both to fund the registration by Tsouli of 180 websites hosting Al-Qaida propaganda videos and to provide equipment for terrorist activities in several countries. Approximately 1,400 credit cards were used to generate approximately £1.6 million of illicit funds to finance terrorist activity.
  • Financial support provided to seemingly legitimate organizations, such as charities, may also be diverted for illicit purposes. Some terrorist organizations have been known to establish shell corporations, disguised as philanthropic undertakings, to solicit online donations.                        Financing : Internal Security through use of Communication Network
  • These organizations may claim to support humanitarian goals while in fact donations are used to fund acts of terrorism. Terrorists may also infiltrate branches of charitable organizations, which they use as a cover to promote the ideologies of terrorist organizations or to provide material support to militant groups.


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