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 ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts

 ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts

  • The model of political behaviour, applicable to the leadership of the political parties (who have, to varying degrees, converted the parties into their private or public limited companies by playing the role of promoters- controllers) is based on the use of party’s organisational and government’s administrative power for amassing unfathomable amounts of undeclared wealth (largely outside the scrutiny even of the political parties themselves).             ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts
  • This wealth is used or ‘invested’ for extended reproduction of their political power and its familial succession. One can witness the emergence of so many political ‘charismatic’ and influential families, keen on ensuring dynastic succession.
  • However, there are also a number of cases when such politically acquired wealth is used by the politicians directly in the economic and commercial fields.           ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts
  • Among a number of devices perfected for this purpose, in addition to secret, numbered Swiss bank accounts and benami operations at home and abroad, one can see trusts, co-operative ventures, educational institutions NGOs, etc.
  • Obviously various combinations and permutations of these devices and avenues are available. High access, acquired by tax evasion and financial manipulation experts, serving such power centres indicates the great value of such ‘expert’ advice.             ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts
  • It results, at times, in their direct accession to positions of political power, particularly in ministries prone to collection of kick-backs and commissions. It is clear that as a counterpart of political capitalists, who thrive on their political connections, there has come into existence their counterparts among politicians also.
  • In close collaboration’ with the businessmen, they have become politician businessmen. Their range of activities extends from the business of politics to politics of business and business per se.
  • The foregoing account, for which plenty of evidence is available, is incomplete without bringing in the role of criminals, mafias, underworld dons and people and parties working in close cooperation with foreign powers.
  • Since we have earlier quoted the Vohra Committee at length, we may not go further into this inevitable link in the chain. It is true that a number of our propositions are in the nature of hypotheses. More detailed and thorough studies in these are certainly called for.       ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts
  • However, we tend to believe that for anyone familiar with the public life in India, acceptance, broadly speaking, of our model and hypotheses would not require too great a strain on one’s credulity.         ‘Filmi’ Charisma and “Benami’ Accounts



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