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  • Farm mechanization plays a critical role in increasing agricultural productivity.
  • Mechanization also helps in improving utilization efficiency of other inputs ,safety and comfort of the agricultural worker, improvements in the quality and value addition of the produce.
  • Farm mechanization in India stands at about 40- 45% with states such as UP, Haryana and Punjab having very high mechanization levels but north eastern states having negligible mechanization.
  • These mechanization can be adopted in two ways, i.e., part of the work is done by animals and human effort and remaining part will be done by machines which is called as partial mechanization.

Advantages of Farm Mechanization

  • Mechanization increases the rapidity and speed of work with which farming operations can be performed. Aims to ensure performance testing of agricultural machinery and equipment, capacity building of farmers and end users and promoting farm mechanization through demonstrations.
  • Mechanization raises the efficiency of labour and enhances the farm production per worker. By its nature it reduces the quantum of labour needed to produce a unit of output. People are equipped with good qualifications and tend to migrate from rural to urban cities in search of job, which in turn leads to labor shortage.              FARM MECHANISATION
  • Improvement in the cropping intensity and making agricultural land commercially more viable: Effective use
    of agriculture machinery helps to increase productivity & production of output, undertake timely farm
    operations and enable the farmers to quickly rotate crops on the same land. This boosts farm output and thus
    farm income.
  • Relaxation  from Labor shortage: In countries where human labour falls short of requirements in agriculture, use of machines can replace human and animal power.

Challenges in India:

  • As yet our production of tractors has not been sufficient to meet the requirements. Also we are short of power tillers and tyres and tubes.
  • Need to innovate custom hiring service or a rental model by institutionalization for high cost farm machinery
    such as combine harvester, Sugarcane harvester, paddy transplanter, laser guided land leveller etc. to reduce
    the cost of operation
  • Indian cultivators are largely ignorant and illiterate and have not yet developed the sense of receptivity for the same.                                  FARM MECHANISATION
  • Like KCC, procedures to avail term loan may be simplified with minimum documentation.
    Capacity building of bank staff dealing with agriculture term loan products may be ensured.


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