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What is European Union?

-European union consists of 25 countries.                            EUROPEAN UNION CRISES

– Half of the countries are poor(not as poor as Pakistan lolz) relatively (like anil kapoor is poor in comparison to amitabh bachan).

Why rich countries wanted to make a relationship with the poor countries?

-Rich countries were eyeing the market of P.I.G.S( Portugal,Italy,Greece and Spian) COUNTRIES for their goods.

Why the poor countries joined rich countries like France, Germany in European countries?

-These relatively poor countries like Portugal,Italy,Greece and Spian (P.I.G.S) due to their enhanced credit worthiness once they were the part of european union helped them to get loan at a lesser rate.(If poonam pandey would have married Abhishek Bachan her image would have improved and she could have got more movies in her kitty).

-These pigs countries began to borrow oceans of money from the central banks of Europe and the debt of these countries rose to 10% of GDP(at the face of 10% of gdp looks to be a small amount but it is almost close to what is spend in a year on health and education services in india.matlab lakho crore rupia)

-ALL these PIGS(LOLZ) countries are really pig because they don’t work at means these was very less development in the economic sectors and hence the money generation was almost nil(like mallaya’s).

-No work means no employment means people crying for governments help(bhuk lagi hai khana do)

-In such a situation government had to borrow more but the central european bank refused to lend more and asked the pig countries to reduce their spending(as they were consuming lot of coca-colas and mc donalds lolz) and to focus on productivity spending(earn and spend don’t just borrow money to spend).

How the crises is affecting the world?

-People the aam janta is the market for the people who produce the goods and if the aam janta will not have money producers will cry.

-No demand  leads to no production leads to no generation of employmeny means empty pockets(mere pass to ek hi rupiya hai.kya kharidu is se)

-All the countries that are having trade ties with european countries are crying like a kid because there is no one to buy their goods.                  EUROPEAN UNION CRISES

Can the Europe afford to show exit door to PIGS?

-The rich countries of Europe who have lend to pigs can get the money from them if they can domesticate them.

-If the pigs default(main nai deta paise) it will be a cause of worry for the rich countries,as their banks will fail.

Moral of the story

1. Garib se dosti karo par itna paisa mat do k wo sambhal nap aye.

2.Teach ur friend how to fish rather then giving him fish.

3.Dont overspent as you will become beggar soon.

4.Capitalism sucks.



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