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  • It has often been said, “What happens in privacy does not hurt anyone.” The motto for Las Vegas resonates this private versus public philosophy, “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Vegas.” Or does it? Does it get carried out by other means? Is anything truly secret? The implication of the two mottos above suggests that any indiscreet behaviour that transpires in the privacy of a hotel room will not become publicly known and bring irreversible harm or affect that individual or the community. Accordingly, a person can be assured that there will be no public exposure of privateindiscretions.  ETHICS IN PRIVATE RELATIONSHIP
  • This raises the issue: Do private ethics have no bearing on public life or social ethics? Does what occurs in the privacy of a public official’s home or office have no influence on public or social policy decisions? Can private ethical behaviour be separated from social ethics without consequences?
  • Can there be public or social ethics without underlying personal ethics? Is there a legitimate bifurcation between private and public ethics? These questions go to the heart of law, the extent of morality, relationships development, the inner life and its outward expression, and public and social policy development.

Private Lives and Public Policy

  • M.S. Gill of Delhi University cuts to the heart of the matter concerning private and public ethics with a brilliant assessment of the relationship between social and personal ethics, “It is impossible to maintain a clear and precise distinction between social ethics and personal (individual) ethics. No individual behaviour is without social implications. No social situation or problem is without individual repercussions.”
  • According to Gill, public policy and social ethics are intertwined. He again writes, “Public policy, politics, economics, war, poverty, education, racism, ecology, and crime: these are examples of the subject of social ethics.”    ETHICS IN PRIVATE RELATIONSHIP
  • All of the social institutions he identifies encompass a vast range of issues in every segment of society and cannot exist apart from individuals. Business, education, the church, professional associations, and government all involve people as they interact, exchange ideas, trade goods and services, and make decisions.
  • They influence one another during these interchanges and affect the structure, and moral environment of society.                    ETHICS IN PRIVATE RELATIONSHIP