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Emergence of Power-Brokers

Emergence of Power-Brokers

  • These power-brokers and regional satraps tried to assert their authority once Nehru—the colossal banyan tree—was no more on the national scene.
  • In the course of the ensuing intense power struggle among the pygmies, the INC underwent a metamorphosis.
  • This was no sudden development but a qualitative watershed marking the culmination of a series of incremental developments, whose embryonic beginnings sadly date back to pre-Independence days.
  • This development in the INC established a new set of rules for the entire political spectrum. The highly centralized political, financial and administrative power of the head of the Union government was made secure by tying the party organization firmly to his apron coat.        Emergence of Power-Brokers
  • As a political scientist maintained, we have a prime ministerial type of government, where the chief executive is like under the Presidential model, but shorn of equivalent checks and balances.
  • The fund-raising activities through economic controls and through major external public account shopping partly a gift of large defense spending and (he expanding public sector—was delinked from the formal party organization.
  • It was concentrated in the hands of a few individuals. Along with political capabilities, daring, charisma, and financial resources of the leadership became a major factor in controlling vast and expensive election machinery called the political parties.            Emergence of Power-Brokers
  • Nominees of such central personalized leadership found places in legislatures and executive in party organization and were regularly funded out of the personalized, illegitimate funds.
  • The political parties adopted the corporate culture going to the extent of familial succession. Naturally, the vast and exponentially growing dirty or unclean economy became a powerful ally of the highly concentrated political power with unimaginably large hoards of financial resources-with them and at their beck and call.
  • The political capitalists, closely allied to prominent political personalities, have arrived.



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