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Donations to Political Parties & Funding of Elections

Donations to Political Parties & Funding of Elections

Donations to Political Parties

  • The question ‘of ‘donations to political parties is another matter which has a vital bearing on preserving the purity of public life. This is one of those spheres where there are immense potentialities for abuse.
  • To prevent such abuse, it would, be necessary to evolve some norms and enforce them strictly. Different views have been expressed and we must take a clear unequivocal decision in the matter.
  • One view is that there should be an absolute ban on business and industrial concerns raking any donation to political parties. In case we have a law embodying this view, it has to be ensured that it is strictly enforced and does not become a dead letter.
  • It is no use having such a law and then making a mockery of it. Nothing brings the Rule of Law into greater disrepute than the sight of high ups defying the law with impunity.
  • Another view is to make it permissible for business and industrial concerns to give donations to political parties up to a certain extent.
  • In such CASCS, it must be made imperative that all payments are made by cheque and shown in the accounts of the business or industrial concern.      Donations to Political Parties & Funding of Elections
  • The practice of cash payment of amounts exceeding a certain limit must be put an end to and be made punishable under the law.
  • Cash payments provide- a cover for tainted money and results in all kinds of malpractices and evasions.

Funding of Elections

  • At the same, time, it has to be admitted that political parties do need funds. The electoral process is so costly that no political party can carry on an election campaign without funds.
  • In some countries there is a law providing for State contribution at the time of election to political parties which have, received a certain percentage of votes in the previous election.
  • There are also provisions in one or two countries for audit of finance of political parties. Whether or not we should adopt any one of these methods and norms is a matter of debate.
  • Only after the matter has been examined in depth and its pros and cons considered, in the context of our national needs and political conditions, can we arrive at a decision.            Donations to Political Parties & Funding of Elections