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Cyber Attacks : Challenges to India’s Internal Security

Cyber Attacks : Challenges to India’s Internal Security

  • The growth of internet technology and cloud-based systems in the past few years had created room for cyber espionage and warfare. Nations are electronically connected and everything is in digital form, attracting attacks in cyberspace. The organized groups, individuals and state sponsored organizations are venturing into this new area of warfare.
  • Cyber warfare has emerged a top threat to national security with India’s systems subjected to an increasing number – and more sophisticated — cyber attacks. India faced a severe test during the 2010 Commonwealth Games when cyber attacks from Pakistan and China sought to damage information systems.
  • It is reported that most of the attacks, India deals with, originate from countries like the US, China, Russia, a few east European countries and Iran. Chinese hackers have targeted a large number of institutions, even stealing data from schools run by the armed forces.                    Cyber Attacks : Challenges to India’s Internal Security
  • A Canadian investigation in 2010 revealed that Chinese hackers had reached Indian missions at Kabul, Moscow, Dubai, Abuja, US, Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, the UK and Zimbabwe.
  • A machine at the National Security Council secretariat was tapped as were computers at military engineering services (MES).
  • A recent report by Bloomberg said a “trove” of confidential data had been mined from the computer, CEO of ITC, for over a year before the company was alerted. In the public sector, less than 20% of the cyber attacks on national security systems are even reported.                              Cyber Attacks : Challenges to India’s Internal Security
  • Bloomberg quoted security experts to say “networks of major oil companies have been harvested for seismic maps charting oil reserves; patent law firms for their clients’ trade secrets; and investment banks for market analysis that might impact the global ventures of state-owned companies.”


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