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Nepal tops in India’s ‘Neighborhood First’ policy



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Why in news?

  • PM Narendra Modi during his Nepal visit assured Nepal that it is at the top of India’s neighborhood First Policy.

What was the outcome of Prime Miniter’s visit to Nepal?

  • The present Indian PM has visited Nepal 3 times in his current term.
  • In Janakpur, Nepal, PM Modi said :
  • Nepal and India could benefit if they cooperated and worked together for the promotion of five Ts: Tradition, Trade, Tourism, Technology and Transport
  • Nepal and India not only shared border, aspirations, dreams and destination, but their happiness and challenge were also the same.
  • The Indian and Nepali PM jointly inaugurated a direct bus service between Janakpur and Ayodhya.This bus service would link Janakpur with the Ramayan Circuit.
  • The Indian PM announced a Rs100 crore package to develop Janakpur – a sacred city for Hindus in Nepal.
  • Mr Modi announced that two other circuits would be developed for the promotion of the areas related to Buddhism and Jain religion in both Nepal and India, which would help in generating employment for the youths.

What are the future plans of India and Nepal?

  • India and Nepal underscored the need for linking Nepal and India through highway, I- way or Information, Railway, Trans way or electric connectivity, waterway and airway.
  • The two countries would try to connect Nepal with waterways so that Nepal will be able to export Nepali goods abroad and reap the benefits through international trade.
  • Build a railway link between Raxaul in Bihar and Kathmandu to facilitate people-to-people contact and movement of goods.
  • According to the Chief Minister of janakpur province, Lal Babu Raut, the open borders between Nepal and India have been instrumental in connecting the peoples of the two countries.

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