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Controller General of Accounts

Duties and Functions of Controller General of Accounts (CGA)

The information regarding accounts of the union government are released / disseminated by the Controller General of Accounts (CGA). These include data related to budget estimates, fiscal / revenue deficits etc. Kindly note the below facts for your examinations:

  • CGA works under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Though it itself is not a constitutional body, it derives its mandate from Article 150 of the constitution which says: The accounts of the Union and of the States shall be kept in such form as the President may, on the advice of the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India, prescribe.
  • Its statutory mandate {duties and functions} have been defined in the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961, which include:
    • defining general principles of government accounting {both state and union} and framing rules, manuals, forms etc.
    • Reconciliation of Cash Balance of Union with RBI
    • Overseeing of accounting functions.
    • Administration of Central Treasury Rules
    • Cadre Management of Group A {Civil servants} and Group B {Central Civil Account Offices} and matters related to accounts related group C and D staff.
    • Disbursement of payments of Central Civil Pensioners; Freedom Fighters; High Court Judges; Ex MPs and Ex Presidents via Public Sector Banks.

UPSC May also ask you the difference between CGA and CAG. Here are some of the quick facts which you must note:

  • While CAG is a constitutional body, CGA is not.
  • While CAG is independent constitutional body, CGA works under Ministry of Finance and not a constitutional or statutory body.
  • While President lays down general principles of government accounting relating to union/state governments and form of accounts on the advice of CAG {article 150}, CGA does the maintenance works of them.

Further, CGA also conducts various examinations for the purpose of promotion and assessment of suitability of an employee for retention in posts. Some of these include Junior Accounts Officer; Departmental Confirmatory Examination for Accountants etc.

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