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Classification of Corruption: BRIBERY and NEPOTISM

Classification of Corruption: BRIBERY and NEPOTISM


  • Bribery is the form of corruption that receives the greatest share of reference. It is the essence of corruption.
  • Bribery is an offer of money or favours to influence a public official and can come in the form of a fixed sum, a certain percentage of a contract, or any other favour in money in kind, usually paid to a state official or business person who can make contracts on behalf of the state or business or otherwise distribute benefits to companies or individuals, businessmen and clients.    Classification of Corruption: BRIBERY and NEPOTISM
  • Sometimes the concept of bribery can be hidden under the guise of other terms such as kickbacks, gratuities, sweeteners, commercial arrangements, hush money, pay-offs, and milking.
  • In all cases, these words explain payments that serve to make things pass more swiftly, smoothly and more favourably between two parties who are, in the case of this module, the government and an outside party.


  • Nepotism is another common form of corruption that occurs when officials favour relatives or close friends for positions in which they hold some decision-making authority.
  • This type of favouritism is the natural human proclivity to give preferential treatment to friends and families, and occurs in both the public and private sectors.
  • For example, imagine that a has a student is the headmaster’s nephew and his teachers report low marks for his classes. If the headmaster changes the low marks to high marks, he has fallen victim to the temptations of nepotism.
  • conceptualize an elected official who comes to office and fills the posts in the executive branch with his under-qualified friends and family rather than qualified people who apply for the posts. The official is also guilty of nepotism.
  • In the case of the young student, he will likely not learn well the content of the lesson put to him by his teacher, will lose a level of academic self-esteem, and learns that you need not work hard to get ahead, but to have connections to people of power.              Classification of Corruption: BRIBERY and NEPOTISM
  • In the case of the political positions granted to under-qualified friends, the fate of the nation is hampered since unqualified people will be guiding policy and national decision-making process.



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