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What is the examiner looking for while checking the UPSC Mains answer sheets?

What is the examiner looking for while checking the UPSC Mains answer sheets?

While checking any answer the examiner is looking for some mainly the following things:

1st Lesson: Examiner is looking for just your answer!! He is not interested in anything else.

Next, put yourself in the shoes of the examiner. You have to finish checking about 100 answer sheets in 2–3 weeks time. What will you want to do??

You will like to finish the job as soon as possible. So, if an answer that makes the job of the examiner easier, sub-consciously the examiner will pour some more marks than others.

 Make your answer easier to view. Like:

  • Use points.
  • Underline what you want the examiner to see.
  • Key and critical words which are heart of your answer should be put in front. (In war, you first use artillery and then send in the infantry. Not the other way around.)

2nd lesson: Make the job easier for the examiner.

 The unique points will fetch you most marks. Examiner is also calculating how different are you from other competitors? Prove it to him.

He has to select just top 100 from 10,000 copies. Only those whose answers are most unique will be in the top 100. The usual will be removed. Also, remember your target is not interview!! Its the selection. Interview is a part of mains. Your mains marks and interview marks will decide your rank.

How to make your answers unique?

The current method of uniqueness is using those points which will not be used by most of the competitors.

Similarly, you need to identify which method can you use to make your answers different. If you are comfortable with diagrams and flowcharts, go for it but please don’t force yourself. It will take time to identify and develop your uniqueness. Be patient!!

3rd lesson: Prove to the examiner that you are unique and deserve to be in the top 100!!

Next, attract the examiner towards your answer. By reading the first line, he should become interested in reading your answer. Here, do not wander off.

You can start off by using some data, quotation, story, etc. 

4th lesson: Attract the examiner towards your answer.

Lastly, use only limited help from coaching institutes and mock papers.

When you join a test series, they are of immense help. They teach you, how to concise your answers, how to put in more points, answering in time limit, etc. That’s all you need to learn!! Do not take “tricks” like-

Answer every question into Socially, Economically, Politically, Legally, Environmentally, etc”.

Here, instead of directly answering the question, you are thinking “how do I put it into socially, economically, culturally etc?” Such tricks can be useful in only a few questions, where you don’t know what to write.

Every other person is trying to do the same. This results in no difference between your answer and others.

Do not change your way of answer writing, your pattern, your ideas, etc. Do not waste time in thinking “How should I introduce?!”, just directly hit the answer. If introduction is helping in your answer like attracting the examiner, or suits you, then go for it but pls answer in your own unique way.

5th lesson: Join Test series but take limited help, so that examiner sees that you are unique.

So, examiner is looking for:

  1. Your direct answer!! He is not interested in anything else.
  2. How easy you have made the answers to read and understand.
  3. Unique answers and should you be in the top 100?!
  4. Are you able to attract him towards your answer?
  5. Maintain your unique answer while taking limited help from coaching.

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