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Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks

Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks

  • In less than two decades, advances in information and communications technologies have revolutionized government, scientific, educational, and commercial infrastructures.
  • Powerful personal computers, high-bandwidth and wireless networking technologies, and the widespread use of the Internet have transformed stand-alone systems and predominantly closed networks into a virtually seamless fabric of interconnectivity.
  • The types of devices that can connect to this vast information technology (IT) infrastructure have multiplied to include not only fixed wired devices but mobile wireless ones. A growing percentage of access is through always-on connections, and users and organizations are increasingly interconnected across physical and logical networks, organizational boundaries, and national borders.                                                  Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks
  • As the fabric of connectivity has broadened, the volume of electronic information exchanged through what is popularly known as cyberspace has grown dramatically and expanded beyond traditional traffic to include multimedia data, process control signals, and other forms of data. The evolution of Smartphones has given a further push to interconnectivity.
  • Along with this, the IT infrastructure has become an integral part of the critical infrastructures of the country. The IT infrastructures interconnected computers, servers, storage devices, routers, switches, and wire line, wireless, and hybrid links increasingly support the functioning of such critical national capabilities as power grids, emergency communications systems, financial systems, and air traffic- control networks.                          Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks
  • The operational stability and security of critical information infrastructure is vital for economic security of the country.
  • In the current climate of elevated risk created by the vulnerabilities of and threats to the Nations IT infrastructure where adversaries are capable of launching harmful attacks on IT systems, networks, and information assets which could damage both the IT infrastructure and other critical infrastructures.
  • The growing concerns of Internal  Security through Communication Networks, is due to its complex structure, trans-boundary operations and uncontrolled flow of content with, rising risk of cyber attacks.                                      Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks


Following are some of the key reasons of concern, which make internal security structures more vulnerable with the evolving communication technologies‑

  • The increasing complexity of IT systems and networks, which will present mounting security challenges for both the providers and consumers
  • The evolving nature of the telecommunications infrastructure, as the traditional phone system and IT networks converge into a more unified architecture
  • The expanding wireless connectivity to individual computers and networks, which increases their exposure to attack. In hybrid or all-wireless network environments, the traditional defensive approach of securing the perimeter is not effective because it is increasingly difficult to determine the physical and logical boundaries of networks.
  • The increasing interconnectivity and accessibility of (and consequently, risk to) computer-based systems that are critical to the country’s economy, including supply chain management systems, financial sector networks, and distributed control systems for factories and utilities
  • The breadth and increasingly global nature of the IT supply chain, which will increase opportunities for subversion from attackers within and outside the country.

Evolution of mobile, internet and other communication tools with convergence of technologies has made communication system more user-friendly and accessible. This has made it possible for miscreants of the society to use these tools for their benefits, adversely affecting to the social fabric.                  Challenges to Internal Security through Communication Networks



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