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Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh


Why BrainyIAS is the right choice for you in Chandigarh and Delhi?

BrainyIAS academy in Chandigarh and Delhi is run by Ex-civil servants and this is the reason why it can help you in your preparation.No other academy in Chandigarh is run by Ex-civil servants and the guidance that is given cannot tough the nitty-gritties required to clear this exam.

What is the experience of BrainyIAS academy in coaching for civil services?

Brainy IAS  academy in Chandigarh and Delhi is run under the guidance of EX-DIG Ajit Singh and EX-Asst Commandant G.Rajput.G.Rajput sir has taught throughout India and has follower-ship touching 50000.

He was the pioneer in starting Online coaching in India w.r.t civil services.

What approach is followed by the BrainyIAS Academy  in Chandigarh and Delhi?

BrainyIAS believes in preparing the candidate with 360 degree approach.From day one of the coaching we focus on pre-cum mains cum personality test.

How Brainyias helps you in preparing for current affairs?

BrainyIAS helps the candidate to master current affairs via its IASBUZZ application and its monthly magazine named IASBUZZ.

How BrainyIAS has used technology to help students develop Answer writing skill?

BrainyIAS has dovetailed evaluation with artificial technology to help students develop answer writing skills which can go a long way in helping candidates score more marks in mains.

What is the fee structure for G.S classes?

BrainyIAS inspite of being run by ex-civil servants charges a very nominal fee of 75k(inclusive of taxes)

What is the fee structure for G.S + optional classes?

Fee structure for G.S ad optional classes is 95k.Test series,notes and interview guidance is inclusive of the package.

what is offered in the course?

  •  Personal mentorship to each and every student.
  • Regular tests and evaluation.(Total 20 tests for prelims and mains + 10 Tests for optional subjects)

  • Precise study material-(14 scientifically designed booklets)

  • Parents teacher meeting on regular basis.

    Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh – Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh – Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh



Optional Subject Offered:-

• Geography • Public Administration • Sociology • Political Science

• Economics   • History

Fee Structure

  1. GENERAL STUDIES + CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) =  75, 000

OPTIONAL = 35,000

GENERAL STUDIES + CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test) + OPTIONAL = 90,000


UPSC Syllabus for Preliminary Examinations

                                          UPSC Syllabus for Preliminary Examination Paper I – (200 imprints)

  1. Current issues and current occasions of global and national significance.
  2. General science
  3. General issues on Climate Change, Environmental Ecology and Biodiversity (It don’t require subject specialization)
  4. Indian National Movement and History of India.
  5. World and Indian Geography-It contains Rights Issues, Physical Geography of India and the world, Economic Geography of India and the world, Social Geography of India and the world.
  6. Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Public Policy, Political System, Panchayati Raj, and so on.
  7. Social Development and Economic – It contains Social Sector activities, Sustainable Development, Inclusion, Demographics, and Poverty and so on.


UPSC Syllabus for Preliminary Examination Paper II – (200 marks) Duration two hours.

  1. Critical thinking and Decision-production
  2. General mental capacity
  3. Appreciation
  4. Information elucidation (outlines, diagrams, tables, information adequacy and so forth – Class X level), Basic numeracy (numbers and their relations, requests of extent, and so on.) (Class X level).
  5. Diagnostic capacity and Logical thinking.
  6. Relational abilities including relational abilities

UPSC Syllabus for Main Examinations

  1. Your rank in UPSC CSE will just rely upon Main Examinations and your Interview (Personality Test). Your UPSC CSE Main comprises of 1750 stamps and Interview (Personality Test) segment comprises of 275 imprints.
  2. Your UPSC syllabus for the fundamental examination contains nine papers, however just seven papers are considered for conclusive positioning. In the staying two papers, you need to secure least stamps which are announced by UPSC consistently and
  3. The fundamental Exam of UPSC Civil Services is the completely composed examination and it comprises of following papers which are said beneath.
  4. Two papers which just qualifying papers and not meant your last positioning.




(You need to choose any one Indian Language from the Languages incorporated into the Eighth Schedule to the Indian Constitution). Add up to Marks 300.

Note: – If you have a place with Sikkim, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, and Arunachal Pradesh, these papers are redundant for you.



English dialect. Add up to Marks 300.

UPSC syllabus and papers which are meant last merits.


Paper-I    Essay (It Can be composed in the medium or dialect of the competitor’s choice)  250
Paper-II General Studies-I (Culture and Indian Heritage| History and Geography of the World and Society) 250
Paper-III General Studies – II (Constitution| Governance| Social Justice| Polity| and International relations) 250
Paper-IV General Studies – III (Economic Development| Technology|Environment| Biodiversity| Disaster Management and Security) 250
Paper-V General Studies – IV (Aptitude| Integrity| and Ethics) 250
Paper-VI Optional Subject – Paper 1 250
Paper-VII Optional Subject – Paper 2  250

                                                                                                                                                                         Sub Total (Written test)                                                                                              1750 Marks

                                                                                                                                                                                  Identity Test                                                                                                            275 Marks

                                                                                                                                                                                 Great Total                                                                                                              2025 Marks

UPSC Syllabus for Interview test

  1. Qualified applicants from UPSC Main examination will be qualified for talk with test or identity test.
  2. You will be met by Board individuals will have before them a record of your profession. You will be posed inquiries on issues of general intrigue.
  3. The goal of this meeting is to survey your own reasonableness for your further vocation out in the open administration. This test will judge your mental gauge.
  4. This meeting test will uncover your scholarly qualities as well as social characteristics and your enthusiasm for current issues.
  5. Some of your qualities will be judged like scholarly and good honesty, mental sharpness, capacity for social attachment and authority, basic forces of absorption, adjust of judgment, clear and legitimate piece, assortment and profundity of intrigue.
  6. The system of the meeting isn’t that of a strict interrogation however of a characteristic however coordinated and purposive discussion which is planned to uncover the mental characteristics of the hopeful.
  7. Your meeting test isn’t expected to be a test both of the specific or general learning which has been as of now tried through their composed papers. You are required to have taken a canny intrigue not just in your exceptional subjects of scholastic investigation yet in addition in the occasions which are going on around you both inside and outside your own state or nation and additionally in present day streams of thought and in new disclosures which ought to energize the interest of knowledgeable youth.

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