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Bal Swaraj Portal

Bal Swaraj Portal

Why in news?

  • According to Bal Swaraj Portal, nearly 10,000 children in India are in immediate need of care and protection.
  • They include children aged between zero and 17 orphaned or abandoned during the COVID-19 pandemic since March 2020.

About Bal Swaraj Portal

  • The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), in furtherance to its function as a monitoring authority under section 109 of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015 .
  • This is in the view of the growing problem related to children affected by COVID-19, has devised an online tracking portal “Bal Swaraj (COVID-Care link)” for child in need of care and protection.
  • The Commission has extended the use of this portal for tracking children who have lost parents or either of the parents during COVID-19.
  • It has provided a link under the name of “COVID-Care” for uploading of data of such children by the concerned officer/department on the portal.
  • The Supreme Court has directed all district officers across the States/UTs to fill data on the Commission’s portal on Bal Swaraj portal under the COVID-Care link.

Need for Bal Swaraj Portal (Covid-Care)

  • The children who have lost family support or are without any ostensible means of subsistence are children in need of care and protection under Section 2(14) of the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.
  • The top court asked state governments to understand the agony of children starving on the streets and directed the district authorities that they be immediately taken care.
  • The commission said when both parents of a child dies there are “serious consequences on the continuation of education”.
  • The appropriate government is liable to be responsible for their education.


  • Through the data filled in the portal by the District officers and State officers for each child, the Commission will be able to get information about whether the child is being able to get his/her entitlements, benefits and monetary gains for which the child is entitled to.
  • NCPCR is a statutory body and works under the aegis of Ministry of Women and Child  Development, Govt. of India.

Significance of Bal Swaraj Portal

  • It is aimed at tracking the children affected by COVID-19 right from the production of children before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) to the restoration of the children to their parent/guardian/relative.
  • It is launched for child in need of care and protection in view of the growing problem related to children affected by COVID-19.
  • The Commission will come to know whether the child has been produced before the CWC and the orders are being passed for him/her.
  • The Commission will be able to get information about whether the child is being able to get his/her entitlements, benefits and monetary gains for which the child is entitled to.
  • The Commission can identify if the State needs any financial assistance in getting more funds for giving benefit under implemented schemes to the children.


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