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Bahadur Shah I

By : brainykey   March 3, 2018


  • On Aurangzeb’s death, his three sons fought among themselves for the throne.
  • The 65-year old Bahadur Shah emerged victorious.
  • He was learned, dignified, and deserving.

  • Bahadur Shah I followed a policy of compromise and conciliation, and there was evidence of the reversal of some of the narrow-minded policies and measures adopted by Aurangzeb.
  • He adopted a more tolerant attitude towards the Hindu chiefs and rajas.
  • There was no destruction of temples in Bahadur Shah I reign.
  • In the beginning, he made an attempt to gain greater control over the regional states through the conciliation; however, dissensions developed among the regional kingdoms (including Rajput, Marathas, etc.); resultantly, they fought among themselves as well as against Mughal Emperor.
  • Bahadur Shah I had tried to conciliate the rebellious Sikhs by making peace with Guru Gobind Singh and giving him a high mansab (rank).
  • But after the death of the Guru, the Sikhs once again raised the banner of revolt in Punjab under the leadership of Banda Bahadur.
  • The Emperor decided to take strong measures and himself led a campaign against the rebels, soon controlled practically the entire territory between the Sutlej and the Yamuna, and reached the close neighborhood of Delhi.
  • Bahadur Shah I conciliated Chatarsal (the Bundela chief, who remained a loyal feudatory) and the Jat chief Churaman, who joined him in the campaign against Banda Bahadur.
  • In spite of hard efforts of Bahadur Shah, there was further deterioration in the field of administration in Bahadur Shah’s reign.
  • The position of state finances worsened as a result of his reckless grants and promotions.
  • During Bahadur Shah’s reign, the remnants of the Royal treasure, amounting to some total 13 crores of rupees in 1707, were exhausted.
  • Bahadur Shah was examining towards a solution of the problems besetting the Empire.
  • He might have revived the Imperial fortunes, but unfortunately, his death in 1712 plunged the Empire once again into civil war.
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