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The Arya Samaj was revivalist to an extent but it also tried to introduce reforms in the Hinduism as it was practiced then.

Some of the contributions of the Arya Samaj were: 

  • It launched an attack on untouchability, caste rigidities, idolatory, polytheism, superstition, practice of shraaddhs, animal sacrifices.
  • It increased the minimum marriageable age to 25 years for boys and 16 years for girls (it can be noted how bigger the age gap was permitted by the reformers of society back then).
  • Widow remarriages and inter caste marriages were also encouraged which shows that they strived towards ideals of equal status for women.
  • They also mibilised support for people suffering from famines, floods and earthquakes.
  • The widely popular DAV schools, first one of which was setup in Lahore in 1886, shows their efforts to introduce change through education which included Indian as well as western thought.
  • On of the controversial movements was the Shuddhi movement which was started by the Samaj to counter the ever increasing conversions of Hindus to Christianity and Islam.
  • However this took place in the 20th century during which there was increased communalization in the consciousness of the people.                  ARYA SAMAJ

Some of the major reformers associated with Arya SaAmaj were — Lala Hansraj, Pandit Gurudutt, Lala Lajpat Rai and Swami Shraddhanand.


Modern History

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