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 Art and Architecture in Vijaynagar Period

 Art and Architecture in Vijaynagar Period

Vijaynagar  Art

  • Music: Vijaynagar period is known for origin of Carnatic music under Purandhar Das. Period known for origin of Rudraveena.
  • Dance: Bharatanatyam was promoted
  • Drama: Yakshagana was a popular dance drama closely associated with temples.
  • Paintings: Themes of Ramayana and Mahabharata on temple walls.
  • Sculpture; Largest number of portrait sculptures in this period Portrait sculpture of Krishanadeva Raya and his queens is seen at Tirumala.         Art and Architecture in Vijaynagar Period

Vijaynagar Architecture: Chief features are,

  • The temple enclosures became more spacious than in the previous periods.
  • The walls of the temples had painted scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  • The gopurams were lavishly ornamented with themes of Puranas. The gopurams formed huge entrances to the temple enclosures and they grew taller and more numerous.
  • The gopurams, kalyanmandapa, garbagriha and amman shrine are indispensable elements
  • Kalyanmandapa is an ornate pillared pavilion with an elevated platform in the centre used for placing the images of the deity and his consort on ceremonial occasions
  • The Amman shrine is a subsidiary temple enshrining the consort of the chief deity of the garbhagriha.
  • The pillars are very important in the architectural scheme of the temples. The horse was the most common animal to be depicted on the pillars.
  • Secular buildings of the period have Indo-muslim features such as the elephant stables with a dome over each individual stall.                 Art and Architecture in Vijaynagar Period

The ruins at Hampi bear witness to the magnificence of the Vijaynagar architecture. The finest in the city are the Hazara Ramaswamy, Krishnaswamy and Vithalswamy temples constructed by Krishnadeva Raya.

Parvati temple at Chidambaram, Talkanteswai temple at Vellore, Vardaraja and Ekambarnatha temples at Kanchipuram were also constructed during the Vijaynagar period.

Krishnadeva Raya built the city of Nagalpura in memory of his mother, Nagamba.



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