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The INSAT system is a multipurpose satellite. It has revolutionized telecom, broadcasting & meteorological services. The various services provided by GSS are as under:

  1. Telecommunication: INSAT satellites have contributed to the communication revolution in India. Remote and far flung areas have been effectively connected to the rest of the world through these satellites.
  2. Television: INSAT has been a major catalyst in the rapid expansion of television coverage in India. Satellite television now covers over 65 percent of the Indian landmass and over 80 percent of the Indian population, APPLICATIONS OF INSAT
  3. Educational TV (ETV): It broadcasts general enrichment programme for University students, mainly to provide quality education within the reach of students in small towns and Education Media Research Centres and Audio Visual Research Centres at different places and UGC, Delhi produce villages, under the country-wide classroom programme of the UGC, launched in 1984. APPLICATIONS OF INSAT
  4. Satellite News Gathering: Satellite news gathering has been used several times, via the INSAT transponders to enable real-time news coverage from the field. Prasar Bharati is processing 5 Outdoor-Broadcast terminals to cover important events in the field.
  5. Radio Networking: Radio Networking (RN) through INSAT has been designed to provide reliable high fidelity 10/15 kHz programme channels for national as well as regional networking of radio programme. Nearly 200 All India Radio stations have been equipped with S-band receiver terminals and 17 C-band terminals. The Interactive exchange of programme also takes place between any two or more uplink stations. APPLICATIONS OF INSAT
  6. Meteorology: The meteorological payload of INSAT is designed to collect and transmit meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic data from unattended remote data collection platforms to aid in weather forecasting. One hundred meteorological data collection platforms have been installed all over the country and at the Indian base station.

A unique feature of the INSAT meteorological payload is its capability to provide advance warning through a novel Cyclone Warning Dissemination System (CWDS). The system operates through a network of small dish antennas and special CWDS receivers. APPLICATIONS OF INSAT

Finally, the Satellite Aided Search and Rescue (SAS&R), Distress Alert Service provides distress alert and position location service through lower-earth orbiting search and rescue satellite system. APPLICATIONS OF INSAT

It provides coverage to a large part of the Indian Ocean region, rendering distress alert services to Bangalore, Bhutan, Kenya, Maldives, Nepal, Seychelles, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Zanzibar. APPLICATIONS OF INSAT


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