How it works

Why practise Answer Writing in REAL TIME conditions?

Answer Writing skill is the core requirement to crack civil services exam as the exam is less about knowledge and more about expression

Generally the aspirants practise Answer Writing in casual conditions and it ends up not developing the requisite skill

So inorder to help the aspirants to develop the Answer Writing skill, BrainyIAS under the guidance of G.RAJPUT is providing a platform to develop Answer Writing in real time conditions.

First page of Answer Writing will show you the questions. In order to Answer the question one will have to click on the question. Registered users will be prompted to write Answers.

UNREGISTERED USERS will have to register for Answer Writing Practise.

First 10 seconds

One needs to understand the question in first 10 seconds(This presents the first Real time condition)

Next 30 seconds

Once you have understood the questions, try to create the structure of the Answer.(This presents the second real time condition)

Next 10 Minutes

One will have an option to type or upload the image of what you would have written on the page.In case one wish to use the voice typing he/she can use the same.

  • Grammarly - We have integrated grammarly software in order to auto-correct the grammar errors.
  • Click on Finish button - Once one have clicked on the finish button you will get to know of the time you would have taken to Answer the Question
Unregistered Users will have to register them for Answer Writing

Just Practising Answer Writing is not sufficient.Expert Evaluation and Feedback will give you a jump in marks plus will help you in saving your attempts.

Evaluation will be done by Experts. Evaluation will be done on 6 Parameters and stars will be given on the specific parameters.

6 parameters are

Marks and remark will be given depending on one's performance

How will student get the feedback?

Student will be intimated via email about his/her performance

Student can view his profile page to have a look at the questions which are UNDER EVALUATION and which have been EVALUATED