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All States can now constitute Foreigners Tribunals

Context: The MHA has amended the Foreigners (Tribunals) Order, 1964,

Changes proposed as per the amendment:

  • It has empowered district magistrates in all States and Union Territories to set up tribunals to decide whether a person staying illegally in India is a foreigner or not.
  • The amended Foreigners (Tribunal) Order, 2019 also empowers individuals to approach the Tribunals.
  • The amended order also allows District Magistrates to refer individuals who haven’t filed claims against their exclusion from NRC to the Tribunals to decide if they are foreigners or not.

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Current Practice:

So far, the powers to constitute tribunals were vested only with the Centre. The 1964 order on Constitution of Tribunals said: “The Central Government may by order, refer the question as to whether a person is not a foreigner within meaning of the Foreigners Act, 1946 (31 of 1946) to a Tribunal to be constituted for the purpose, for its opinion.”

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