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Agro forestry

By : brainykey   July 5, 2015

The whole area which is covered by the trees, plants, shrubs or animals is called as forest. It has different types depend on the different places and different regions of temperature. The study of the management of forests i.e. trees, different plats, shrubs and different kind of resources which are obtained from forests for the benefit of the mankind is called as forestry. The main purpose of designing such administration is to manage the continuity of the resource obtained from the forests and different kinds of services.

In the field of forestry there is a branch which is called as Agro forestry. As it is fact from its name that it is the combination of two different fields such as agriculture and forestry. It is defined as a branch of forestry which deals with the co relation of agriculture such as crops or livestock and forests such as different kinds of plantation to enhance the productivity and the variation among the different species is called asAgro forestry. It contains lot of products which are formed as a result of combination of two fields for the sake of the benefit of mankind as well as for the new development to increase the health and wealth in the present era.

Types of Agro Forestry:
There are different types of agro forestry which are characterized on the basis of their growth or combination with forestry. There are four different types of agro forestry which manages the land and also enhance the productivity, these types are as follows

  1. Silvopasture agro forestry
  2. Silvoarable agro forestry
  3. Forest forming
  4. Forest gardening

Silvopasture Agro Forestry:
A type of agro forestry which came into being by the combination of trees and plants such as forest and the animals that feed on the grass is called as silvopasture agro forestry. These animals are commonly called as domesticated animals. This type of agro forestry helps in reducing the soil erosion and also support in producing the products and environment for the long time.

Silvoarable Agro Forestry:
A type of agro forestry which is formed as a result of combining the forest land and the different type of cultivating crops is called as silvoarable agro forestry. It really help us to produce the new variety of different types of plants and horticultural crops.

Forest Farming:
The type of forestry in which different types of cultivated plants are used to cultivate in the area of forest is called as forest farming. As we know that the amount of rain fall in the forest is higher as compared to other lands or area so, the soil of the forest is much fertile then other farms so it is quite easy to develop the farm there.

Forest Gardening:
The branch of agro forestry which is used to manage the replacement of wild plants with the cultivated plants such as fruit plants, vegetables, herbs, shrubs etc is referred as forest gardening. It is a very useful branch of agro forestry for human beings.

Advantages of Agro Forestry:
There are lots of benefits of agro forestry which are valuable for mankind. Some important advantages are given below

  1. It increases the productivity and enhances the profit also.
  2. It also helps in increases the security of the yield.
  3. It increased the fertility of soil and also helpful in preventing the soil erosion.
  4. Source of protection for the animals and plants form different types of hazards.
  5.  It also help in maintaining the cycle such as nitrogen cycle, carbon cycle etc.

Disadvantages of Agro Forestry:
Agro forestry has different types of advantages but at the same time it also has some disadvantages i.e.

  1. This system is very difficult to manage and need more accuracy.
  2. They yield small amount of cultivated crops as compared to other.
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