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About Work Culture & its Present Complexities

About Work Culture & its Present Complexities


  • The working of most government organizations is based on the Weberian principle of decision making governed by rules and regulations to ensure objectivity and uniformity.
  • As a result, the processes and structures in any government organization generally owe their existence to and are regulated by statutes, rules and regulations etc.
  • These rules and regulations or procedural manuals have been formulated over a long period – with many processes still continuing from the colonial period.        About Work Culture & its Present Complexities


  • The expanse of governance, the complexities and above all the aspirations of citizens have changed substantially in the last few decades.
  • Though there have been sporadic attempts at modifying the old rules and procedures, there has not been an exhaustive and thorough examination of these especially keeping citizens at the centre stage.
  • As the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology in its 22nd Report observed: “The Committee observe that the age-old statutes and regulations governing the manual process will not be suitable for governing the electronic processes which require altogether a different set of legal framework and guidelines to make the e-governance successful.
  • They are of the strong opinion that the legal and regulatory changes in the process would be able to deliver the services more efficiently and effectively and remove a lot of other hurdles of manual regulatory mechanism.
  • The Committee, therefore, recommend that a comprehensive review of all relevant statutes and regulations should urgently be done to bring about suitable changes therein so as to make them compatible with the cyber age technology enabling the citizens to obtain maximum advantage of e-Governance projects.
  • They further recommend that possibility of bringing a new legislative mechanism may also be explored, if need be, to ensure that the implementation of e-Governance projects delivers the citizen-centric services in an effective and successful manner”.                          About Work Culture & its Present Complexities
  • To sum up, the entire gamut of activities under Business Process Re-engineering could be classified into the following four heads:
  • Clear assessment of citizen needs.
  • Analysis of the existing processes and identification of the weaknesses and redundancies.
  • Redesigning of processes and the required changes to be made in the statutes and regulations.

Bringing about changes — in forms, processes, structures and statutes.                    About Work Culture & its Present Complexities




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