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Abiotic Factors Influencing Plant Growth

Abiotic Factors Influencing Plant Growth


Effects of Light on Plants

  • Extremely high intensity of light leads to faster root growth which further leads to more water absorption from the soil.
  • Thus, plant carries out transpiration at an increased rate leading to the development of thick leaves.
  • On the other hand, when the intensity of light is low, then the rate of photosynthesis decreases leading to the stunted growth of plants.                Abiotic Factors Influencing Plant Growth
  • In the case of absence of light, photosynthesis does not take place, leading to the death of plants.
  • Of the visible spectrum, the red light plays the most important role in photosynthesis.
  • The elongation of cells occurs in the presence of red light. Thus, in the absence of red light in visible spectrum, the growth of plants is retarded.

Effects of Temperature on Plants

Effects of Low Temperature on Plants

  • Low temperature on plants causes the soil moisture to freeze, thus making water unavailable to the plant leading to their death.              Abiotic Factors Influencing Plant Growth
  • Low temperature can also lead to dehydration of plant cells. Low temperature causes water in the intercellular (between the cells) spaces of the plants to freeze into ice.
  • This ice acts as a solute and pulls water present in the intracellular (within the cells) spaces causing dehydration of cells and even their death.
  • Snow cover also acts as a blanket, thereby protecting the plants from low temperature and excessive cold. Snow may also lead to mechanical bending of the stem of plants.

Effects of High Temperature on Plants

  • Excessive high temperature leads to depletion of soil moisture and extreme dryness in the plant cells leading to their death.                    Abiotic Factors Influencing Plant Growth
  • Excessive high temperature may also lead to the death of plants due to coagulatior of fluids.

How Do Plants Adjust in Adverse Situations?

Plants have evolved a mechanism to adapt to adverse situations.

During adverse situations, the parts of plants are affected in the following order namely:

  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Shoots
  • Roots

Thus, plants are sometimes able to survive even with roots in a harsh environment.

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