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2018 prelims questions

2018 prelims

we had put in 100’s of hours to design chiseled and crafted current affairs for 2018 Prelims.

Now at Brainy IAS we feel really happy that our current affairs have helped students get 50 questions from IAS BUZZ and 20+ directly from the classroom 2018 prelims.

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IAS 2018 PRELIMS Question paper and solution







IAS Prelims 2018

Q.No. Reference from IAS Buzz/BrainyIAS Question
1 NA Post independence phase
2 Right to Privacy
3 MSP of new crops
4 Discussed in class Pakhui WLS
6 NA Economy
7 GST exemption list
8 Critical Wildlife Habitat
9 Common sensical Plant disease spread
10 Sikkim organic state
11 Money Bill
12 Election of President
13 Additional protocol of IAEA
16 Digital India
17 Class discussion Regions in geography
18 Discussed in class

Federation under GoI Act 1935
19   Speakers role
20 Inferred from Public Administration classes Law and Liberty
21 Class discussion Governor’s role
22 Art and Culture PPT, Class discussion Bani Thani
24 Carnatic music class discussion Thyagaraja/ Tyagaraja
25 Polity class discussions

Rule of Law
26 English education in India
27 List of lakes dictated in class Lakes
29 NA Swarajya Sabha
30 Class discussion Chronology of events in modern India
31 Common sensical Heavy sand mining
32 Common sensical Agriculture soils
34 3 D printing
35 Class discussion Barren Island
36 NA Prosopis Juliflora
37 Class discussion Coral reefs
38 NA Climate Neutral now
39  Educational Institutes during colonial India
40 NA Regions in news
42 NA Einstein’s general theory of relativity
43 GM Mustard
44 Crisprcas9 and blockchain technology
45 Carbon fertilisation
46 Internet of Things
47 Solar power
48 NA staple commodities for export by british
49 Common sensical Champaran Satyagraha
50 Class discussion Hind Mazdoor Sabha
51 NA Sthanakvasi sect
52 NA Fatehpur sikri and lucknow buildings
53 NA Travellers
54 Class discussion future buddha
55 Subsidiary alliance
56 Common sensical Legal tender of money
57 Common sensical Opportunity Cost
58 Class discussion on growth and development GNP and Development
59 Human Capital
60 Class discussion in economy Capital formation
61 NA Santhal Uprising
62 Class Discussion Economic result of 19th century British Rule
63 Art 356
64 NA Embroidery and apparels
65 Common sensical GPS
66 Discussed in class Treasury bills
67 Discussed thoroughly in geography class Earth’s atmosphere and magnetism
68 Cyber Attacks
69 Conservation Agriculture
70 Sixth Mass Extinction
71 Class Discussion Capital Adequacy Ratio
72 NA Aadhaar and API
73 NA People died due to malnutrition or war
74 Wood’s Dispatch
75 Discussed in Class Parliamentary Committees
76 RTE Act
77 Discussed in class Folk Dances
78 NA Food Safety and FSSAI
79 Two state solution
80 National Food Security Act
81 Geographical Indications
82 NA Mines and ores
84 Common sensical Delhi Longitutde
85 ILO convention 138 and 182
86 Discussed in class Leader of opposition
87 Common sensical Desert leaf
88 NA NSSO agricultural households
89 NGT and CPCB
90 9th schedule of Constitution
91 Merchant Discount Rate (MDR)
92 Nuclear Suppliers Group
93 NA Equalisation tax
94 FRBM Act (GDP and loan- class discussion)
95 NA Edible oils
96 NA Biographies of Garibaldi, Mazzini
97 Aadhaar and citizenship
98 NA Sea/lake shrank
99 Rule of law index
100 ATMs



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