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3R Forum


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  • The 8th  Regional  3R  Forum  in  Asia  and  the  Pacific is all set to commence in  Indore from  9  to  12  April  2018.
  • The  theme  is:  “Achieving  Clean  Water,  Clean  Land  and Clean  Air  through  3R  and  Resource  Efficiency  –  A  21st  Century  Vision  for Asia-Pacific  Communities”.
  • The highlight of the event will be a series of sessions with mayors focusing on sustainable urban development and forging of inter-municipal partnerships and cooperation at the national and international level.

About 3R forum

  • The Regional 3R Forum in Asia was launched in November 2009.
  • Its objective is to provide strategic policy advices to national government authorities in mainstreaming 3Rs in the overall policy, planning and development.
  • These 3Rs are: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

India and 3R:

  • The  Forum  aims  to  address  how  3R  and  resource efficiency  measures  can  provide  complementary  benefits  in  making  cities and  countries  clean,  smart,  liveable  and  resilient.
  • The  Forum  also  aims  to generate  policy-level,  institutional  level  and  technological  insights  towards effective  implementation  of  3R  and  resource  efficiency  to  foster  circular economic  development,  sustainable  change  in  current  use  of  natural resources  and  ultimately  achieve  a  zero  waste  society.
  • In  addition,  the  Forum seeks  to  engage  the  public  and  private  sector  to  explore  various  partnership opportunities  in  areas  of  3R  and  waste  management  for  moving  towards  a zero  waste  society.
  • The  Forum  further  provides  an  opportunity  to  establish insightful  linkages  between  the  principles  of  3R  and  resource  efficiency  and the objectives of Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission).
  • Through this Forum, India aims to strengthen this focus through its ‘Mission Zero Waste’ approach thereby encouraging cities, industries and other diverse stakeholders to see look at waste as a resource.

What did the PM Modi say at the Form?

  • “The mantra of 3R – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle- is at the heart of any vision towards the sustainable development of mankind. All stakeholders –producers, consumers and the State alike must adhere to this golden principle which can contribute significantly in solving the twin challenges of waste management as well as the sustainable development”.



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