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300 Key sentences for Pub Ad

Use this sentence or idea while writing answer on woodrow wilson.You can also make a diagram on the same 

  1. The politics/administration distinction itself is also vexingly “multidimensional” (Hansen and Ejersbo 2002: 749). Politics and administration are complex phenomena denoted by complex concepts, and the distinction between them can be understood in many different ways, such as general/particular, deciding/executing, generalist/specialist, elected/appointed, democracy/bureaucracy, and partisan/neutral, to name only some of the most prominent
  2. W.W had promoted the idea of dichotomy but it was rejected by Waldo and behavioural thinkers.
  3. MP LAD scheme is the example of how politicians are directly involved in policy execution.AN MP guides the DC to spend money on a particular work.
  4. Politicians seek help of bureaucrats and various committees are formed to seek recommendations of bureaucrats.Secretariat act as the brain for the policies.Policies has an invisible laminated layer of bureaucrats.

Public Administration by G.Rajput

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