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Working of Second ARC

The Commission will devise its own procedures (including for consultations with the State Government as may be considered appropriate by the Commission), and may appoint committees, consultants/advisers to assist it. The Commission may take into account the existing material and reports available on the subject and consider building upon the same rather than attempting to address all the issues ab initio. The Ministries and Departments of the Government of India were to furnish such information and documents and provide other assistance as may be required by the Commission. The Government of India entrusted the State Governments and all others concerned to extend their fullest cooperation and assistance to the Commission.

Recommendation reports

The commission has presented the following 15 Reports to the Government for consideration:

Right to Information – Master Key to Good Governance (09.06.2006)

Unlocking Human Capital – Entitlements and Governance-a Case Study (31.07.2006)

Crisis Management – From Despair to Hope (31.10.2006)

Ethics in Governance (12.02.2007)

Public Order – Justice for each….. peace for all. (25.06.2007)

Local Governance 1 | Local Governance 2 | Local Governance 3 (27.11.2007)

Capacity Building for Conflict Resolution – Friction to Fusion (17.3.2008)

Combating Terrorism (17.9.2008)

Social Capital – A Shared Destiny (8.10.2008)

Refurbishing of Personnel Administration – Scaling New Heights (27.11.2008)

Promoting e-Governance – The Smart Way Forward (20.01.2009)

Citizen Centric Administration – The Heart of Governance (30.3.2009)

Organisational Structure of Government of India (19.5.2009)

Strengthening Financial Management Systems (26.5.2009)

State & District Administration (29.5.2009)

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