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FACT # 1



Why in news?A draft white paper has been released by the Law Commission of India on which recommends holding of simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and the Assemblies, possibly in 2019.



  • Law Commission of India is neither a constitutional body nor a statutory body.
  • It is truly an ad hoc and advisory body whose work is to do research and make recommendations for law reforms such as amendments and updating prevalent and inherited laws.
  • None of its recommendations is binding upon the Government.
  • Also the states can constitute their own law commissions.
  • Constituition of Law Commission:
    • The Commission is headed by a full-time Chairperson.

o   Four full-time Members (including a Member-Secretary).

o   Secretary, Department of Legal Affairs as ex offcio Member.

o   Secretary, Legislative Department as ex offcio Member.

  • And not more than five part-time Members.
  • The Commission is established for a fixed tenure (generally three years) and works as an advisory body to the Ministry of Law and Justice.



  • The term “Simultaneous Elections” is defined as structuring of the Indian election cycle in a manner that elections to Lok Sabha and State Assemblies are synchronized together.
  • In such a scenario, a voter would normally cast his/her vote for electing members of Lok Sabha and State Assembly on a single day and at the same time.
  • To clarify further, simultaneous elections do not mean that voting across the country for Lok Sabha and State Assemblies needs to happen on a single day.
  • This can be conducted in a phase-wise manner as per the existing practice provided voters in a particular constituency vote for both State Assembly and Lok Sabha the same day.

FACT # 2

National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)

Why in news?Environment ministry has recently released draft National clean air programme


 National Clean Air Programme (NCAP)

  • The government has formulated National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) as a medium term national level strategy to tackle the increasing air pollution problem across the country in a comprehensive manner.
  • The overall objective is to:
    • Augment and evolve effective ambient air quality monitoring network across the country.
    • To ensure comprehensive management plan for prevention, control and abatement of air pollution.
    • It focuses on collaborative and participatory approach covering all sources of pollution and coordination between relevant Central Ministries, State Governments, local bodies and other stakeholders.
  • Also, In order to ensure use of new technologies to combat the rising challenge of air pollution in India, a separate component on ‘Technology Assessment Cell’ has been envisaged under NCAP to evaluate the technologies for  prevention, control and abatement of air pollution.”


FACT # 3



Why in news?The Union Ministry of Communications has launched DARPAN-PLI application.



  • DARPAN-PLI App will help in collection of premium for PLI and RPLI policies at Branch Post Offices anywhere in India, with online updation of the policies.
  • With launch of this App, indexing of maturity claims in respect of PLI and RPLI polices can be done at Branch Post Office itself.
  • Department of Posts has launched DIGITAL ADVANCEMENT OF RURAL POST OFFICE FOR A NEW INDIA (DARPAN) Project, which aims at connecting all 1.29 lakh Rural Branch Post Offices in the country to enable them to do online Postal and Financial Transactions.
  • The total Project cost is more than Rs.1300 crores.
  • The Hand-held devices installed under DARPAN Project will ensure improvement in the quality of Postal services being offered in remote rural areas.
  • Customers in these areas can now avail the following facilities through hand-held devices being used at branch post offices.
    • online Core Banking
    • booking of Registered and Speed Post articles
    • booking of Money Orders
    • deposit of Postal Life Insurance / Rural Postal Life Insurance premium
    • Indexing of PLI / RPLI maturity claims, etc.

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